Saturday, October 25, 2008

Your Inner Voice

Did you ever have a moment where you just did something spontaneously and after you did whatever it was you were glad you did it, and then wondered what made you do it? I read in recent months that we all have "guides" with throughout our lives and that one of the ways they can communicate with us is through that "gut feeling" - just like when you're taking a test in school and you circle your first choice for an answer, then go back, second guess yourself, erase your first choice, circle your next - and then find out that was wrong and the first choice was in fact the correct one. Always go with your gut, usually it will lead you the right way.

Today, my "gut" came through for me.

The hubby, kids and I went up to the assisted living facility where my mother-in-law resides to pick her up to take her to Applebees for lunch to celebrate her 93rd birthday. We pulled up in front of the entrance and I got out of the passenger seat to move around to sit in the back seat to make it easier for Gmom to get into our van. For some reason, instead of getting out and going around to the back of the car, I hurried towards her coming out of her building. Just as I got within 2 feet of her, the automatic doors began to close on her and her walker. I grabbed her by the arm and held on to her, my husband ran over, and both kids got there. Mom ended up falling, but ever so slowly (it was like she was suspended in air) and by the grace of God, when she hit bottom she didn't really hit it. In fact, she told me afterwards that she didn't feel herself hit the floor at all, yet she was on the floor holding nothing but my hand and my husband's hand. Nothing banged, nothing hurt, and she was fine.

Always listen to that inner voice - it does usually produce a good ending....something like this

or this

or this


The Arthur Clan said...

Thank God that she was okay and that you followed your instinct on that one. Falls can be so bad for our elderly loved ones!

What beautiful photos of your family and their Grandma. :)

Angie in OH

Janet said...

Your Gma is lovely!

I'm so thankful you guys were there to help her.

Pam O'Brien said...

Oh, I'm glad she was okay! That could have been devastating...but by the grace of God! :-)

Your pictures are beautiful. It's so nice that you were able to celebrate with her.