Monday, May 17, 2010

I Heart Faces - Faces and Flowers

I decided to try my hand at adding some texture to one of the prom photos I took back on senior prom night. This young beautiful girl is a friend of my daughter.  I have lots of learning to do with adding texture. I used a free texture called "Bokeh Flash" created by Prareeerica.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Does This Phobia Have A Name?

For almost three years, I have been taking photos with my Canon Rebel, and for almost three years I have stored all of my photos on this laptop - to the tune of over 16,500 photographs. I have twice now backed them up to the "family" external hard drive, and I have also started the process of backing them up on CDs. I am also looking into getting my own external drive to copy them to.  So, somebody tell me why I am having such a difficult time hitting the delete button for the folders of pictures that I know are backed up. I cannot get myself to do it and I need to free up space on my hard drive.... I need to remove everything from one of my first photographs taken back in early 2007... when my little boy was on the cusp of a growth spurt...

To one of the last photos I took last month..... It amazes me that my boy's face could change this much and he could grow 7 1/2 inches in just a smidge less than three years.

I plan on practicing hitting that "delete" button soon, but I'm not quite ready yet.  It'll have to happen on a day that I've had a good cup of tea (or two or three) and am feeling more confident that all of my photo files are truly safe and sound....

I'm calling this fear "phototossophobia" -  I will now admit that I suffer from phototossophobia. Now, I must look into a remedy for this!