Thursday, October 16, 2008

More Treasures to Enjoy

I went to visit my parents on Saturday. It was my mom's 84th birthday. We enjoyed lunch and a nice visit. I'm fortunate to still have both of my parents, although my dad's health is slowly declining. Anyway, after my dad went for his second of his three daily naps, my mom started giving me some things that she no longer needed, i.e. shoes. I noticed that she still had in its box in her closet the digital frame we gave them for their 60th anniversary this past January. She said it wasn't running right so I offered to bring it home and try to figure it out. I found out that some of the photos were saved in the wrong (TIF) format that the SD card couldn't read. So, I have now redone all of the photos in JPEG format and boy did I ever enjoy looking at thos pictures! Treasures from years ago, photos of a grandfather I never met, and so much more.

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The Arthur Clan said...

I love old pictures...absolutely love them! When my Grandma passed away, my cousins, siblings and I spent hours looking through her old photos. My aunt has all of them now, but I'm hoping she will someday make copies for all of us because they were beautiful.

Angie in OH