Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Local Folklore

Philadelphia has not won a championship of any kind ever since Liberty Place I was erected. Local legend has it that there was a gentleman's agreement many, many years ago that no building in our city would be erected to stand any taller than the top of William Penn's hat on a statue that sits atop our City Hall. Liberty Place I, followed by Liberty Place II, both stand taller than poor old B. Penn.

Comcast erected a tower in Philadelphia last year and out of courtesy to Mr. Penn, they took a small statue of him and when construction was all but completed, they built that statue into the very top of their tower. So, Billy Penn now stands above all of Philadelphia. Here's hoping that he's happy enough to help our Phillies win tonight!!


PS As I was typing this entry, the sports announcer gave a brief summary of just this topic during the game, but I was typing this first!!!


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The Arthur Clan said...

I was watching the game when the sports announcer was talking about this. So cool!

Yeah for you and your Phillies! I was thinking about you last night during the game. :)