Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Son's Lost Lunch

My son was asked to be a member of his school's cross country team for a race today. They were short one runner to qualify. My son graciously accepted their request, we borrowed a pair of running sneaks, as he had outgrown his, and off he went to run what is a pretty grueling course. I was going to send one of our point and shoot cameras with him to give to one of the moms (I had to work today and couldn't attend the race) so that she could capture a photo of him crossing the finish line.

I'm glad the camera didn't go. He ran a great race with a good time and then promptly threw up as he crossed the finish.

I don't think I could have, in good conscience, posted that photo on my blog..... But, I am proud of him for helping out the cross-country team.


The Arthur Clan said...

I'm glad the camera didn't go either! That would not have been a pretty pic.

I hope he's feeling better now though. What a trooper to help the team out even when he must have been feeling poorly.

Angie in OH

Liz said...

Only the best give it their all!

Nice site!!


Dot O said...

Angie, he said he felt fine until the last ten meters down the chute. The moderators then yelled at him for stopping when he threw up. They wanted him to continue running while he did it!!!

Liz, thanks for visiting!