Friday, January 18, 2008


How could I have forgotten to post her??? The object of so much effort in rehabilitation going on in our home. Yes, Ceili, the mini Cujo - we rescued her. She can and will bite if you invade her personal space sometimes, like when you want to dry her feet off. She's a sweetie most of the time but we treat her as though she's got a mental problem - which she does. However, if we didn't put the effort into her, she would no longer be walking this earth. I believe she was sent here to teach us something - as of yet I can't figure out what it is but there must be a reason.

Some of my stuff

Just some of the pics I've taken over the past few months. I've taken several hundred shots but still have editing to do.

New year, new goals (well same goals)

I so wish I had someone here to hand hold me through the learning process of the digital world. I really want to learn to take awesome photos and learn all of the editing techniques that Photoshop Elements has to offer.

Until then (and until I get my own laptop solely to use for my photo hobby), the learning process will be hit or miss for me.