Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hitting on a Gold Mine - Amazing Scenes from the Past

My mother-in-law will turn 93 on October 28. She's one of the sweetest people I have ever known and our family is blessed to have her in our lives. I never knew my father-in-law as he passed away two years before I met my husband.

For my mother-in-law's birthday, we are giving her a digital picture frame filled with all of her family photos. My husband is scanning them all and I'm in charge of the cropping and repairing of damaged pictures. What pure joy I am getting out of looking at them all. Here's a mother law in her teens and my father-in-law as a very young man.

Now, the first photo I found very amusing. My father-in-law is a baby and he's shown with his sister, his dad, and a CARDBOARD German Shepherd. Tell me, why would somebody insert a cardboard dog!!! The photo is circa 1915.

I hope to share more. I could use some guidance from P-Dub on repairing some of these pictures.


Donna Boucher said...

Those are just the best pictures.

I took a hard look at the dog before I read...I wondered about it...
How funny that it was cardboard!

I really love that picture.

Amy from Texas said...

These are wonderful. I really had no idea that dog was cardboard. ha!

Dot O said...

Amy, when I first looked at it I though "wow, that GS is really faded and aged looking". Then I zoomed in and realized that it wasn't real!

I have so many more photos to crop and I'm cross-eyed by the end of the night doing it!!! But, it is really fun to see my husband's family's history in pictures.