Tuesday, April 13, 2010

College High, Prom Woes Over, and Phillies Phever

College decision finalized, and our deposit is in!!! We will be Blue Hens, and their motto is "Fear the Hen".... No fear here, though, just excitement.

As of two hours ago, the prom issue was resolved also, and my daughter asked a friend who graduated last year.

Monday was a really fun day as my kids' high school marching band was invited to lead the Phillies into the ballpark for our season home opener.  The skies were beautiful and brilliant, the breeze just perfect, and all was right for a great day of baseball.

This new lens allowed me to take some great photos of the day's events.

The kids had about two hours to kill outside Citizens Bank Ballpark before the festivities began. There was lots of socializing....

A picture of the band director taking a picture of me....

Then there was some warming up....

Then there was the parade for about 100 yards - it was a very short parade lead by some absolutely gorgeous Clydesdale horses......

Jamie Moyer had a lot to say to Roy Halladay the full length of the parade - I'd love to know what he was chatting about.

Then a great game that began with some wonderful festivities.

The game was great, with Cole Hamels pitching, and the Phils winning over the Capitols 7-4

Yes, my new zoom lens allows me to capture great moments.....................

and also allows me to stalk my friends who are seated clear across the ballpark!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Deep Into The Process

College, college, college - I will be soooooooooooo glad to have the decision made and the deposit in.  I will also be so glad when a date for the senior prom is sewn up. So many things up in the air, so much drama, I really can't take it much more.  Where's the reference book for me to read up on how to deal with issues of an 18 year old daughter. Most nights I lay my head down on my pillow and it feels like it will just explode.  My gut tells me everything will be just fine, the heart sometimes feels like it will just break.

The official college count is seven out of seven - however we've narrowed it down to two choices, and we will be revisiting one of them this weekend. A decision will be made by day's end on Saturday.... at least that is what this mom is counting on.

The prom........ why do they make it mandatory to have a date? That's fine for the girls who are "popular" by today's standards but what about those whose self-confidence has taken many hits over the the course of grade school and high school?

It will all work out, I know, but the process of getting there is exhausting. I don't have all of the words of wisdom to give - I didn't date in high school - I had bad skin, braces, and very wavy hair that had a mind of its own. I can't offer advice other than to say it will all work out in the end.... this coming from a girl who wore a dress her mom made to the senior prom!

None of my photos have anything to do with this post but they are colorful and fun glimpses of our Easter Sunday.

It will all work out....... I just may not survive it....