Thursday, October 9, 2008

Scenes of Halloween - Part Un

I've pulled most of the Halloween decor out but I still seem to be missing some things. Thankfully, my husband is off tomorrow so bringing up the rest of the decorations will be on his "honey dew" list.

I was thinking about how Halloween, at times, can seem a little bit more enjoyable than the Christmas holidays which really shouldn't make sense because at Christmas we are getting ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus - what could be better? I then realized that, except for getting the kids costumed when they are little, Halloween is sort of a no-strings-attached holiday. You decorate your home with lots of brightly-colored "scary" things, fill a basket with candy to give out to the neighborhood goblins, and that's it!

So, go ahead and enjoy decorating for Halloween. It's about the most difficult part of the holiday and actually the most fun part too!!!

The picture of our dog,Ceili, well that was taken last year while the kids were carving the pumpkins (I hadn't seen it until tonight when I was going through pictures) and it's just nice to look at that little face and remember how pretty she really was. Oh how much I miss her. Today was the first day since she passed that I didn't get teary-eyed at some point.

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Amy from Texas said...

Cute pumpkins!!! How fun!