Monday, September 21, 2009

I Heart Faces - Completely Candid, Week 37

This is a photo of my niece and my new nephew on their wedding day. It was towards the end of the reception and I think they had just about had it. They never saw me take this as they were both in their own little world envisioning their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. They are a sweet, sweet couple.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Heart Faces - sort of

I've been away for a couple of days to the beach with my sister. It was a great time of relaxing, reading, and knitting that I hated to leave to come back home to work. However, sometimes we do what we've just gotta do!

I got home at noon and walked the dogs, sorted some laundry, put some stuff away, and then worked until 6:30 or so, at which time I began putting my entry together for this week's theme at I Heart Faces. Sadly, when I logged on to the IHF site, I saw a note that the noon was the deadline today. (Amy and Angie, I hope you're both doing something fun!)

So, although I'm not officially in the contest this week, these would have been my entries. The themes were "Pets" (the squirrel is not our pet, only a visitor), and "Contemplative".

I blogged about our unexpected rodent visitor a couple of weeks ago. Here is another photo of "Oliver". I thought he had a cute enough face.

I knew I had the perfect photo for the "contemplative" theme. I snapped this photograph while on vacation. We were on top of Jockey's Ridge and I was fooling with the settings on my camera and just snapping random pictures. When I took this photo, I distinctly remember wondering just what my daughter may have been thinking of. I didn't ask her at the time and felt it didn't matter much - I loved the photo. So, when the theme for this week came up, I though "I have the perfect photo". She does look very contemplative.

Although I'm not officially entered this week, I am still posting my photos for fun!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sweet Bribery

I asked my son if he'd mind if I took his photo. Look at his response....

"C'mon, it's not like I asked you to scrub the bathroom or walk the dogs or cook dinner." Please smile without rolling your eyes at me".

"There, that's a good smile. Can you give me another so I can snap one or two more pictures? I'll buy you a piece of candy if you do".

"Oh wow, mom, a whole piece of candy?" I upped the ante a bit here... "Okay, I'll take you out and look for chewy apple slices". (His favorite candy).

Just look at the smile that got me!!! Just a few sweets work as bribery for my son. Unfortunately, though, after visiting 4-5 candy shops, not one had those green,chewy, sugary apple rings. We are hard pressed to find those little buggers anymore.

But, I got my smile!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Unexpected Visitor

Yesterday should have been a very productive work day for me. Instead, it was a very interrupted work day as we tried to figure out what to do with this little fellow.

My husband was doing some weed whacking when he suddenly saw this little ball of fur trying to climb on the weed whacker. Thinking the mother would claim him, my husband left our back yard and started working in the front yard instead, only to discover he was followed. I was summoned outside to help and hence a day of squirrel sitting began, with the head sitter being my daughter.

We tried various things to see if we could get him back to his mom but nobody in the squirrel community around our home seemed to be looking for him. My daughter tried to position "Oliver" (thus named when we discovered he was a "he") close to what we thought was the nest but every time she attempted to leave the area, Oliver came running for her to hop in her lap and sleep.

He appeared very healthy, very energetic, and also unlike any other squirrel we had ever encountered. Neither of us could bear the thought of leaving him outside last evening alone because he did not know how to climb a tree yet and would certainly fall prey to any of the variety of wildlife in our area.

So, after a few phone calls, we ended up on a 50 minute car ride to the closest wildlife preserve where Oliver can spend the rest of his squirrel life with tons of other squirrels who hopefully will teach him how to be exactly what he is - a squirrel and not another member of our family.

I have to admit, though, that he was absolutely adorable and sweet....