Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ruby Is Not A Beach Bunny... Nor A Beach Beagle For That Matter

All the best laid plans usually don't work out. On vacation, I had happily envisioned romping with the two beagles on the beach and dashing between the small waves at the water's edge. However, we were unable to get poor Freckles on to the beach due to the amount of steps he would have had to climb and descend to actually set paw on the beach. His back legs are unfortunately not in very good condition.

Therefore, my husband had to turn around and take him back home. I continued on to the beach with Ruby, only discover that she is petrified of the ocean.

Can you see "terrified" written all over her face?

I have never before been able to see such changes in a dog's face take place but plainly you can see Ruby is not at all enamored with the ocean like we are. She definitely has a "white knuckled" grip going on in this photo.....

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Heart Faces - Bubbles

Here is my entry for this week's theme. I didn't think I'd be entering since I didn't think I could convince my two teenagers sit and pose for me while blowing bubbles. When I felt I would just have to pass this week's bubble theme up, I then remembered a photo that I took at my niece's wedding back in July and, bingo, I had my photo to fit the theme.

Be sure to check out I Heart Faces for all of the bubbly entries this week.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Exciting Meeting For Dinner

It has taken me almost a week to put this post together as I was away chaperoning my kids and 85 other kids at band camp in Maryland. I can't tell you how happy I am to be home, using MY shower without bugs and dirt crawling all over, without the 90+ degree heat all day and only hitting the mid 70s at night, and food that left a lot to be desired.

Last Thursday, I had the privilege of meeting up with Rebeckah (Life with Kaishon) and with Drew (Happy Chaos) and their families at a Cracker Barrel restaurant. I don't know about Drew and Rebeckah, but my daughter and I had a blast. It is so cool to see these people in person for the very first time but you feel that you already know them.

We talked and ate, and ate some more, and then talked some more. The kids were wonderful and so well behaved. Drew's husband came along for the ride and what a great and funny guy he is.

I hope you enjoy seeing the pics. The lighting wasn't great but I did my best

My daughter, Naji, and Nathan.

Here are two of the sweetest and warm girls I've ever met - how can you not have fun when laughing along with these two.

This little guy was so mild and smiley.

Another smiler - I think Kaishon had had a great day with his new friends.

Sweet baby Jordan who sat near me and ate some mac and cheese - I think a bit more ended up on that pretty little face instead of her stomach!

Is it possible for this couple to be any cuter? I think not.

Friday, August 7, 2009

A Very Fun Evening

The photo has nothing to do with my evening last night. It is however a picture I just took of our puppy this week. Fun had everything to do with last evening when I met up with two of my fellow blogging friends and their families for dinner.

I will post later today on this. All I can say is it was hard to tear myself away when it came time for us to part....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

We Have Been Rick Roll'd

My 15 year-old discovered this gentleman yesterday and he is getting such a kick out of the whole "Rick Roll'd" thing. Now, I happened to have loved this song back in the day and thought his dance moves were really cool - back then. I've watched this video several times now and find myself sort of chorkling at the "roll" and also the high jeans Rick is sporting.

Does anybody out their remember this song? Anybody out there really like it way back when? I googled Rick Astley and he is still alive and kicking and doing some performing.

Please enjoy this interim blog post and see if it doesn't bring back some memories for the folks who knew him back in the 1980s and also a smile to the faces of those of you who don't know Rick Astley from a hole in the wall.