Friday, October 30, 2009

Cape May, NJ and Fall

I finally have time to post. The only reason I have time is that I hurt my back and cannot do anything else but sit in a recliner chair. No cleaning, transcribing, or cooking yesterday and probably I will not be able to do any of that until Monday. However, on the bright side, I could at least get to the bathroom by myself. Thank goodness for ibuprofen and Flexeril and my electric stim unit. Thank goodness, too, that this happened this week and not last week when we were getting ready for our weekend in Cape May New Jersey.

We had a lot of fun and I took quite a few photos while I was there. So despite having a very painful back,it is sort of nice to have time to do a bit of blogging about our weekend. We are really a very low-maintenance group of people. We eat, relax, play games, and then turn in for the night - none of us are night owls. Coincidentally, both of the other couples are celebrating their wedding anniversaries today.

Here are just a few of the photos I took.

I should have taken photos of us playing Apples to Apples, however things got pretty intense during the game and my attention was focused on winning - which never happened.

Friday, October 23, 2009

What The Heck!!!!

I had a post that I typed up on my laptop (that is where all my photos are) but when I came here to my work PC to post it, the post was gone!

I am still alive, just busy with work and the college application/visit/panic stuff. Life is rolling along okay.

I will be posting again and visiting my blogging friends too. We are expecting more torrential rain this weekend. I may start to grow moldy at this point.....

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Priceless Photos

I am so fortunate that last year my husband scanned all of the photos his mom had in a storage tub in her apartment. They are now safely tucked away here in this laptop and backed up on to disk too. There are some pictures that go back as far as 1915, when Mom was born.

The others chronicle Mom and her two sisters through the years. What gems these pictures are. My plan is make the walls of my office my own gallery of sorts and a lot of these photos will be printed, framed, and hung.

Mom left us last week after living until exactly one month shy of her 94th birthday. Her mind was a sharp as a tack - it was just her body that was so very weary. Her last words to her family were that she wanted them to leave the hospital and eat dinner, her treat. She even told them what restaurant to go to, however they didn't want to venture too far from the hospital and that restaurant was a little out of their comfort range.

I used these photos for a family DVD I put together as a Christmas present for Mom and the rest of the family last year. I'm so glad I did that as she really enjoyed looking through the photos and laughing with her sisters.

Here are just a few pictures -the first of mom when she was just about 11 months, and the rest are photos of Mom and her two sisters through the years.

Now there are just the two younger sisters, 90 and 92. They have lots of nieces and nephews who will treat them just as kindly as we did Mom.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Story in Photos: My Favorite Things, Week 39

There is no contest to enter this week over at I Heart Faces. However, they are running a fun theme where we are supposed to post photos of our favorite things. That is easy for me to do as I have lots of favorites.....

I love drinking hot tea and have no problem drinking it year round, even when it's 98 degrees outside.

I love chocolate - especially M&Ms.

I love to knit.

I love to quilt, it just takes me a looooooong time to finish a project.

I love to listen to my iPod.

I love to take walks (while listening to my iPod).

I love our family trips to the beach. My favorite time to be on the beach is late afternoon when the fear of sunburn is fading and we can sit quietly and watch the ocean and hear the gulls and just relax. We will sometimes go back at night with flashlights to seek out ghost crabs!

I love these two furry critters.

I love to witness a beautiful sunset. I'm sure sunrises are just as beautiful too but I'm too lazy to get myself out of bed to witness them...

Above all, I love these people very, very much and without them in my life, none of the above would matter in the least.