Sunday, February 6, 2011

Failed Miserably

My daughter had a tough time with her first semester in college.  The academics were rigorous and she just didn't feel at home there.  She couldn't wait to get home for Christmas break, and I assured her that by the time rolled around for her to go back there (in February), she'd be "so sick of us" she'd be looking forward to going back to school.  I figured that seeing her stuff laying all over the house would be too much for this organized mom to bear - I run a fairly tight ship you know. 

Over Christmas break (which ended today) she did an online nutrition course to help ease  the workload for the spring semester.  She worked her tail off every day, sitting at the computer with earphones in watching lectures, making notes, completing projects, and taking weekly tests at the local community college.

As hard as I tried to get on her nerves, i.e. constantly waving my camera in her face, giving her odd jobs to do, having her constantly take the dogs out, she still seemed relatively happy.

We enjoyed tea together (hers was in her Jack mug), we spent time chatting when she had a few free minutes each day.

I did try to get on her nerves so that she'd look forward to going back to school. However, that never happened.  We had such a nice 7+ weeks together.

Today was the day she had to go back to college.  We were both sort of sad but really didn't say too much about it.  We didn't want to get all emotional...

So I took pictures!

With Daddy

With Ruby

With Freckles

But none with me or with her brother -  her brother was too ill to get out of bed.  None with me because I am always the camera operator.

So, she did not fail biology last semester, it was just one of those tough classes that made her first semester in college not the best experience.

I failed at making her wish she was back at school.  But, I guess that isn't such as bad "failure" after all.
She said she actually was "ok" with going back......... she'll be home in five short weeks for my birthday......