Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Comforting thoughts/Comfort food

I was just getting dinner ready - making oatmeal pancakes since we're out of more "dinnery" foods right now - and I got to thinking it would be so much fun right now to whip up a batch of my homemade oatmeal cookies. For a moment I felt my heart leap, but then I remembered where all of those calories will end up if I actually eat the cookies. Then I sadly realized that the little things in life, like baking up a fresh batch of warm oatmeal cookies for the family, are now overshadowed by thoughts of all of the fattening and harmful things those cookies contain, and the fact that we can't just enjoy eating for the pure joy of tasting deliciously sweet cookies like we did many years ago, before we were forced to think about calories, arteriosclerosis, and high cholesterol.

I won't be baking those cookies tonight......sigh


Janis said...

Hey Dottie! Would you like my Oatmeal/cherry/ Chocolate chip cookie recipe?
It is Sugar free and has just Splenda and dried Bing cherries for sweetness.
I am going to make a batch this weekend, I have been thinking about them but it has been too hot to bake around here still, only supposed to be 75 Saturday though!

Dot O said...

Yes Janis! I'd love the recipe. I've wondered about baking with Splenda. Now I'll actually find out!