Monday, October 20, 2008

What Do These Have In Common?

Look at these two photos. They do have something in common. Look closely, can you see it?

Have you figured out yet? No? Well, the answer is you can never have too many M&Ms and you can never have too many beagles. We went to our first Beaglefest on Sunday. It was fun, and yet a bit sad. There were three or four beagles (wearing yellow kerchiefs around their necks) looking for their forever homes.

One in particular was drawn to my kids... he was awfully cute and oh so sweet.

I'm not quite ready to take the "plunge" with another rescue just yet - don't know if I will ever be - sort of gun shy I guess but I still want to be a part of a wonderful organization. They're doing great work with these poor dogs.

Oh, and we discovered just how antisocial our beagle, Freckles, is. He didn't bother with anybody. He just walked around the perimeter of the pen, away from the action most of the time, until he just exhausted himself.

It was a good day.


Janis said...

What a fun day!
They are ALL so cute and sweet (in their own ways) The Beagles and the M&Ms too !
Tish is very anti-social,has to be an only Beagle I can never take her to a Beaglefest, she can barely make it through the vet lobby!
Looks like a fine day was had by all!

The Arthur Clan said...

Awww ~ they really are all so sweet.

My sweet tooth is saying "yum" to those M&M's though!

Angie in OH

Pam O'Brien said...

You'll have fun with the Yearbook Yourself link. Be sure to post your results!

My daughter has a beagle (she's smaller than these, though). They love her to pieces.

We're suckers for "rescues." We currently have 7 dogs! We're soon moving to NC where they'll have 10 acres to romp around on!