Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Music

The Archdiocese has annual auditions in December for a band that performs one concert a year at one of the Catholic high schools in the diocese. This year, my kids' school was the host school. My daughter auditioned and made the band this year, 7th chair clarinet. She (and we) was thrilled. The band met Friday for the first time at 9 AM, under the direction of a guest conductor and practiced from 9:30 AM until 7 PM Friday, 9 AM until 7 PM on Saturday, and then 9:30 AM today with the concert at 2 PM. (Conductor is a trumpet player who has recorded with the likes of Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion, LL Cool J, and also records trumpet soundtracks for the NFL. He was a real down to earth guy who made sure the audience was updated on the Eagles/Giants game midway during the concert). Actually, the conductor was built like a football player himself!

I was asked to come and take photos of our kids (20 kids from our school made the band) but I could only see a handful from where we were seated. The kids did an awesome job and it sounded like a professional band. I did my best with the pictures but the lighting was a bit dim. I did my best.

In March, the band will have the honor of performing at Philadelphia's Kimmel Center, a top-notch performance theater in downtown Philadelphia.

My kids' regular band director is the guy with the dark hair and glasses who looks like a high school student himself.

This was a great experience for my daughter, maybe a once in a lifetime, unless she makes it next year.....

I wish I could post an audio clip of their performance, it was phenomenal!


Dughallmor Beagles said...

Thanks for signing our guestbook....and we're glad you found our blog too, and that we found yours with your lovely photos and adorable Beagle!
I see in your profile that one of your favourite films is "The Gods Must Be Crazy"......I LOVE that film, so so funny, it's genius!
Hugs for the Beagle xx

theArthurClan said...

What an amazing experience for your daughter Dot. You must have been so proud!