Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Big Time/Let's Play Ball!

Back in January, I blogged about my daughter auditioning for and taking part in the All-Catholic Band, a band made up of select musicians from all of the Catholic high schools in our Archdiocese. This concert took place, luckily, at our high school (they rotate the schools and it was our turn this year) and was wonderful. The kids really shined and the whole experience was great for her.

Within the last three weeks, they began practicing for another "concert" that would actually be taking place in a real live concert hall. Although I thought that was a neat idea, I was a little bent out of shape at the amount of school time my daughter would be missing for these rehearsals and I began to wish that she wasn't involved in this band - school days missed and increased stress over missed tests and homework deadlines were beginning to grate on my last nerve.

After last night's performance at THE top concert hall in our city, I've done a complete about face - the concert was phenomenal and it was such an honor for her and many others to get to perform on a real stage!

They opened up with the chorus made up of all grade-school age special needs kids - the songs were sweet and the children sang/signed their little hearts out. This was followed by the high school band, the elementary school band, the elementary school orchestra, elementary school chorus, the high school chorus, the high school orchestra, and then a finale made up of all of the choruses, bands, and orchestras, wherein they played the Battle Hymn of the Republic. (please note green arrow pointing to my daughter).

It was an amazing undertaking for all involved, and a breathtaking performance by a several hundred children. Amazing memories were made last evening - the kids will remember this forever!

And, to top it off, our own high school marching band (which includes both of my kids) will be escorting World Series Champions, the Phillies, into Citizens Bank Park for the home opener this Sunday evening!!!!! This honor couldn't come at a better time as the band's annual trip, that all of the kids live for each year, had to be canceled due to the difficult economic times we are now facing. There had been such disappointment over this cancellation and while they truly understood the reasons why, for the seniors especially, this has been such an anticlimactic end to their high school band years.

So, I don't know if the game is on national TV on Sunday night but if you see/hear a marching band, my kids will be in there!!


Christina said...

What a wonderful experience for the students to perform at THE concert hall! Sounds like a fabulous evening for the performers and audience!

uberrhund said...

beautiful Concert hall and lovely daughter!
The memories of bonding and being able to play in such a hall will last forever ,long past any worries over missed tests.
All that plus opening day at the Phillies! WOW! What a year they have had so far!

mom said...

Wow, Dot! That had to be amazing for all involved!

Tammy ~@~

theArthurClan said...

Oh my goodness Dot - that is awesome! I can't imagine how thrilled you are to watch your kids perform like they do. Wow!

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

This is great! What a wonderful experience. So exciting!!

I have been MIA from Twitter too... can't do it all:-)

Ebie (The Main-Ingredient) said...

I love the first photo. You did a good job of capturing the auditorium or concert hall. What a fine kid!