Monday, April 6, 2009

Trying Out Some Accompaniment

I visit lots of blogs on a daily basis. There are a few that have terrific music playing and I find that I tend to hang there a bit more because I like the song selection. My blog is very quiet and I am a person who will usually have music playing somewhere in my home at many points throughout my day.

So, after consulting with my blog's executive board, it was decided that I should give some musical accompaniment a try. However, there will be no hard rock or objectionable lyrics here - my blog will maintain a G rating status and I hope the visitors I have will enjoy some of the selections I chose - some of which reflect the big band style music that was played in my home when I was growing up.

Oh, and I did takes some photos last night and today of the earliest signs of spring emerging - with the exception of the photo of the hail. That was just a fluke this morning and hopefully we will have no reruns of that kind of weather for the duration of our spring/summer.


Michele said...

Firstly, your music selection is quite enjoyable, I like Frank Sinatra. Good choices...
Secondly, your photos are amazing!!
All very well done, the daffodil with the water droplets is quite impressive!


Spruce Hill said...

Love your pictures today!

theArthurClan said...

You had hail...yucko! We had a major snowstorm and I am not happy about it one bit!

Love the beautiful flower photos. We need a touch of color right now.

Christina said...

Nice music selections. Love Frank Sinatra! My son is a huge fan of his music, and often times when I'd go in his room, he'd have a playlist going of Frank Sinatra music. He gave me a large selection of his music for Mother's Day one year.

I like the shot of the plum bloom.