Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Art By A Fellow Blogger

One of the blogs I visit frequently is owned by an artist who does amazing caricatures of absolutely everything. When I visited his blog today, this was what his post was about. He welcomed his readers to share it if we wanted to and I did.

I thought it was a great way to sum up what this week is all about. My 15-year-old son will be one of the 12 apostles tomorrow night (Holy Thursday) and will be getting his feet washed during the service. I don't know that I'll be taking photos of it because I don't know if would be appropriate for me to be waving my camera around during the ceremony.

Anyway, I liked this depiction by my fellow blogger over at Organized Doodles. You have to go and check out his stuff - most of it is really funny and his work is amazing!


Pam O'Brien said...

Wow, Dot. That's cool! I like his site, too... just discovered it yesterday! :-)
Awesome experience your son sill have! Powerful, I'm sure.
Yeah... too bad you can't sneak a coule of pics; but you're probably right, it would likely be frowned upon!

Rick said...

Go ahead! Take a camera, turn off the flash and hold it low. See what kind of pics you can get.

Thanks Dot for the kind words and the link. I enjoy sharing.

Ruth said...

Very appropriate for the season (and all year long!)