Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lookin' Good For 69!

Freckles turned 11 today and according to the chart on the wall of vet's office, based on his weight (39 lbs) and the chronological age, he is 69 in dog years today.

We celebrated with some extra treats and a birthday hat. The treats he loved, the hat he did not.

His most favorite gift today was for me to leave the front door open so that the sun could stream in on him - he is easy to please.


Christina said...

Happy Birthday, Freckles!!!
It doesn't look like he objected to the party hat! Glad he had a spot of sunshine to enjoy on his special day!

uberrhund said...

Happy birthday to Freckles!
Tish loves to bake in the sun these winter days too.

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Aaarrrrooooo! Looks like you had the perfect Birthday....apart from the dreaded hat!! Hope you got some cake before retiring to your very own sunspot!
My shoes? The very rare Lesser Spotted Wellington! They bring oohs and aahs from far and wide :o)
And the Beags off lead? Well, they do mostly behave themselves, but Rosie's being a bit tricky lately and pushing her luck- teenagers!
Slobbers xx
PS, yes they were eating what you thought they were....full of essential fatty acids, you know...very nutritious, but wait at least a few hours before kissing rights are resumed!