Monday, February 23, 2009

Academic Honors Convocation

Tonight, both of my kids will be honored for being in the top 10% of their classes - my son in his freshman class and my daughter in her junior class.

I never, ever, ever EVER really say much about their academic achievements to any of my friends. I don't want to appear to brag at all but on my blog I feel I can because if people don't want to hear about it, they can just simply click off my page.

Bottom line is I have to two kids who were never really accepted into the "cliques" in grade school - not that I wanted them to be but it was tough to watch large groups go off together and your child is just left standing there. The kids were never blatantly mean to them, it was just that they were always excluded from the main group of kids that hung out together. I won't lie and say I wasn't sad through most of their grade school years because I was. However, I knew that things would be fine once they left that school and moved on to high school.... and things are. But, I also didn't want to wish away their childhood. If anybody reading this blog has felt the pain of watching their kids experience tough times at the grade school level, take heart - it does get much better. There are still bumps in the social settings on very rare occasions but all in all, it has been a wonderful experience and I feel I can say on this blog that I am so very proud of my two kids. My daughter ranks 13 out of 460 kids in the junior class and my son ranks 14 out of 365 kids. I am proud, not only because of their academic accomplishments but also proud because they are turning into kind, compassionate, and just down-to-earth nice kids. I couldn't ask for more than that and for this first time, I am expressing how I feel to someone other than my husband - anybody who has occasion to read my blog.

Here are a few photos from this evening's events.

Unfortunately, I could only capture the backs of their heads when they received their certificates. The big guy in the robe is the president of their school - a super nice teddy bear-kind of man with a warm heart and a great sense of humor.

One photo is of my daughter and two of her closest friends - they met at band camp the summer before freshman year and became fast friends.

I tried to snap a photo of my two kids together but that just wasn't in the cards for tonight. Oh well, I can forgive them this time - they done good!


skywind said...

Children's achievements were recognized by everyone, as parents, are the most fun. I wish the whole family happy.

theArthurClan said...

Brag away Dot!! You have two amazing kids and you deserve to tell the world about them. :)

You must have been so proud of them. Not only on this exciting night, but for how they have turned into the wonderful young people that they are!

Christina said...

Congratulations to both, and to you and your husband also!!! Brag away!!! I thought your photos captured the evening quite nicely, especially the one of the two of them together ~ all smiles!

Dot O said...

Just as an aside, if you look at the woman in the black robe talking with my daughter, she was the guest speaker. She graduated from the high school in 1984. The now president was her history teacher back then!

Anyway, she was in the business world for a bit and then went on to be a Sister of Mercy (nun) and then went on again to be a medical doctor, with the goal of practicing medicine in socially depressed areas, i.e. possibly South America one day. She is an amazing woman.

ChickenGal said...

Congrats Dot!!! I had boys that were"outside" the loop, but they are leaders in their own right. Your's will find their path and they willl excell!They look like great kids....give them a Yeehaaaa!

Sue said...

Congratulations to your son and daughter, but especially to you and your husband for teaching your kids what's really important in life.