Saturday, February 28, 2009

Date Night!

The weekend started out with me picking the kids up after band practice on Friday. We then spent the evening with my brother and his wife playing Scrabble. As you can see, my brother really needs to study his tiles.

I have the Scrabble game my parents purchased before I was born. It still has the price marked on the front of the box - $2.98 (can you believe) - and the tiles are solid hardwood, and the racks are wood too.

Today, we went prom dress shopping and I'm utterly exhausted. The mall we went to is not our regular little mall but a huge megamall with a bazillion shops! There are two parts to it, one is called the Court and one is called the Plaza, with the Plaza containing the pricier stores.

We had success! We got a dress that was on sale (see photo) and we actually made the purchase in one of the shops in the "expensive" Plaza. I found this sale rack tucked away in the back of the store. The dress is beautiful and the perfect color - a deep blue. The price was even more perfect and way less than I expected to pay for a prom gown.

Then hubby and had our first date night tonight in years, and I mean years. We should have, but never did, made it a point to go out at least one night a month all of these years but truthfully, we enjoyed being home with the kids - it just felt cozy and I have never been one that has gotten bugged to out somewhere. Anyway, we went to see Slum Dog Millionaire and absolutely loved it! It was a bit intense for me at times as I don't like violence of any sort but I just closed my eyes when needed - I could sense when something bad was going to happen.

I did take a few photos on Friday but the Slum Dog and prom dress photos are not mine - I found them on line. I think the dress is very flattering on that model, don't you?.

Well, I think that wraps up my day. It's late and I'm going to watch my daughter play Wii! G'night all.


Dughallmor Beagles said...

Wow, sounds like you had a busy weekend! The dress is gorgeous and a perfect colour to bring out your daughter's beautiful eyes :o)
I want to see Slumdog Millionaire too, sounds really good....maybe hubby and I will manage a date night soon....
Kisses for Freckles xx

Christina said...

The dress is very pretty ~ and what a very successful day of shopping! We enjoy playing Scrabble here too! Sounds like a very nice weekend.

theArthurClan said...

A date night - that sounds so fun Dot! We rarely go on date nights either...we truly just enjoy being home with the kiddos.

Your daughter is going to look gorgeous in that dress! I can't wait until prom to see photos of her in it. :)