Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving, A Day Full of Blessings

The official "kickoff" to the Christmas holidays was truly a wonderful day, starting with sleeping in late (9:30), then the four of us assembling the adorable little turkeys made with Oreos, Reese's cups, candy corn, and icing. We had fun making them together but mental note for next year, THEY DO NOT TRAVEL WELL. I could not figure out how to transport them. I had nothing large enough with a lid to put them in so I chose to line them up in a jelly roll pan - the first stop sign we stopped at sent the poor little things sliding right off the dish and on to the floor mat of the car. Only one casualty, though, and I was able to get them all back in their places and just made sure I held on to them for the 30 minute car ride. They were an absolute hit at my brother's house with all of the ADULT cousins thoroughly enjoying them. Most were just "gobbled" right up!

Dinner was phenomenal and there was much laughter throughout. I took lots of pictures, much to the kids' dismay, but I'm so glad I did. Some day, the kids will appreciate seeing these pictures.

A collage of the day.

My mom and dad. (They are 84 and 85 - and I don't think they look their age)

My sister-in-law and hostess.

My oldest brother.

I did miss my sister and her family, though, but we will be together at Christmas. She went to upstate New York to be with my brother-in-law's family as his sister is suffering from terminal brain cancer and they want to spend these precious holidays with her..

There was much dinner table discussion and one of things brought up was how funny parenting can be at times, and then this YouTube video came up and we all watched it together...and laughed...and thought how cool it was.

Yes, it was a day to truly count our blessings and be thankful most importantly for our family.


Amy from Texas said...

What a great day! You made the turkey cookies too:-) Hope you're having a fun weekend. I'm getting lots of organizing done. Yeah!

Dot O said...

Yes Amy, we did make the turkeys and they all looked like they needed eye surgery.

How did you get your eyes to look so good?

TheOneAndOnlyNora said...

I'm a couple of weeks late, but I was just reading through some of your older posts. Love the pics, and I love the turkey cookies! Do you have a recipe or assembly instructions? They look so tasty and I wanna make some next year!