Monday, November 24, 2008

Computer Glitches

I will be updating my blog tomorrow even if it kills me. Computer issues prevail this evening. But, the good news is that I now own Photoshop CS4!! I AM PUMPED. I just can't load it because I never got the service pack update for Windows Vista. That update will take about an hour so I must spend the rest of the evening loading it.

I hope my blogging friends don't abandon me due to my lack of blogging the last couple of days.

UPDATE: Started Vista update download at 10:05 PM and finished it at 11:20. Photoshop loaded by 11:58 but I was too tired to use it!


Pam O'Brien said...

Hi Dot! Congrats on your Photoshop program... I'm still an Elements girl. That will have to do, for now.
I've had to be away from blogging, too. The office closing and upcoming move has me scrambling in many different directions!
I, too, hope I'll still have followers when I'm able to pay attention to it again! ;-)

Dot O said...

Thanks Pam. I will still be following your blog!

A friend was able to get me the PS as he works for a school. The savings was tremendous! There is so much for me to learn. My neighbor has again asked me to photograph them with their newborn son for a their Christmas card so I am hoping to be able to really produce a nice product for them.

The Arthur Clan said...

Like I would ever be able to abandon my fellow "PIG's"...not possible! :)

So excited to hear you got such a great deal on CS4. You are going to love it. I'll look forward to talking to you again soon when you can get back online.

Amy from Texas said...

Photoshop!!! You are so cool!

I'm going to be away from the blog too... my mom is coming to help me organize:-) Have fun with Photoshop and have a great Thanksgiving too!