Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sign Of The Times

Do you see anything wrong with this depiction here? No. Good, because neither do I. However, because of a depiction similar to this one that was displayed in a child's picture book in the waiting room of an office, a complaint was filed by someone who visited the office. They found it extremely offensive and took their complaint to the highest level of management. Consequently, that story book has been removed from the office.

I have a problem with this, big time. However, everyone is entitled to their opinions and I guess this person was expressing theirs. But, the bottom line is that their opinion won out.

As an aside, the book with the Noah's Ark picture in it was actually not the property of the office - it had been left behind by a child who had been in that office.


Janis said...

Shame on the person who banished a book.
I am sickened by censorship in any form.
The world is a little bit worse for their evil deed and yes I really do mean evil because closing any avenue to knowledge promotes more censorship and on and on it will slide.

The Arthur Clan said...

Wow! I have no idea what they could have found offensive (except that some people seem to be offended by anything that comes from the Bible.) That's really nuts.

The Arthur Clan said...

Also, if it offends you...why can't you just choose not to read it?

There are things on TV that "offend" me. I choose not to watch them. It's that simple!

Pam O'Brien said...

Ack. Isn't that ridiculous?! We keep giving an inch. How far will we give inch at a time? Baffles me... and angers me.

Dot O said...

I really find it chilling that so many are giving in to this. They just don't realize the big mistake they are making. One day, though, that realization will come but it will be too late.

Off my soapbox now. I just needed to vent. Not too much really sets me off but this does.