Saturday, November 22, 2008

Life Is Good - No Actually Life Is Great!

I love to wear Life is Good apparel. I own a short-sleeve T-shirt and two long-sleeve T-shirts, winter socks, and PJs and all of the items reflect my interests in life. I'm known for being a big tea drinker (along with coffee) so I have a T-shirt with a drawing of cup filled with tea on it. I also have a shirt with a mug of what could be coffee on it. I love my dog so I have a shirt with Jake (the stick guy) and a dog, and I love flannel PJs so I have purplish flannel PJ bottoms with hearts all over them. They have shirts with hikers, campers, canoers, golfers, fishermen, tennis players, etc. You get the picture... PICTURES! They have nothing depicting Jake possibly being a photographer! I know there are a lot of bloggers out there who love photography whether they be professional, semi-professional, or just like me - wanna bee photographers. At any rate, there is nothing on any Life is Good item that has Jake with a camera hanging around his neck.

Sooooo, I submitted this idea to the Life is Good company. They emailed to me a waver that I had to sign saying that I do not expect to receive any money or merchandise from them in exchange for the idea if they use it. I don't expect to make any money or get anything for free. I just hope they like the idea enough to use it and then let me be the first in line to purchase a shirt!

I wonder if that is possible......wouldn't that be cool??


Janis said...

Oh is they bothered with the waiver they are actually considering the idea for production!
How cool and fun will that be!?!
I love stick figures , we play a stick figure online game at
It is super silly and full of puns but really holds the attention for daily/weekly play(and I am not much of a gamer at all!)It is their goofy stories that attract me!

The Arthur Clan said...

That would be so awesome Dot! You'll have to keep us updated on whether or not they use your idea.