Thursday, November 13, 2008

Looking To The Skies

I find skies truly amazing to watch and always have. I can remember going to a seminar - I don't remember what it was for - but the guy told us that we had the power to "dissolve clouds". All we have to do is pick a cloud and look at it while concentrating on making it start to disappear. It worked like a charm every time I did it. But, now I wonder if every cloud just dissipates on its own within a few minutes even if we aren't looking at it. I haven't taken the time to find this out because...well it would require me to stare at a cloud which would take me right back to wondering if I was causing it to dissolve. You need to pick a fairly sunny day that has a sky full of medium-sized clouds, choose one and concentrate on dissolving it. It takes a couple of minutes but supposedly it is good exercise for the mind and really demonstrates the power of our minds. I just googled this to see what I could find on it as it's been a long time since I had even thought about it.

Here is a link that talks a bit about it.

This is all leading to the photos I took of clouds (and moon) in the last few months.

Hopefully they are Skywatch worthy. Go and check out other great sky pictures!


Janis said...

I love to "Sky watch" ! These are very nice photos.
Was that the big clear full moon out last night?
We had a very good view of the moon rising over the Hollywood Hills while we ate dinner at a little Greek sidewalk cafe with our daughter and her DH.
I have never tried that cloud thing, I will someday.

alicesg said...

Lovely photo for SWF. Love the reflection in the water. Have a nice weekend.

Grammy said...

I love your photos they are amazing. I like the moon shot the most.
Happy SWF!

Steve Buser said...

You take us to the moon and back and I haven't even had breakfast yet. Good shots.

MiMi said...

I love to watch clouds and pick out animals or objects. My children and I used to stare up and find elephants, bats, buildings, all kinds of things...
I had forgotten about this until I read your post. I know that they do dissolve because we would watch the shapes turn into something else and then finally nothing.

Thanks for bringing this memory back to me and for sharing those beautiful photos.

I still haven't tried the stinky towel solution yet, that is on my list this weekend. I'll let you know!

Jedediah said...

The clouds are gorgeous, these photos are so skywatch-worthy :)

Pam O'Brien said...

Ooh, I love the hint of color in the puffy clouds picture! They're all so pretty!!

Christina said...

The photo of the moon is my favorite! I love to sky watch! A book that may interest you ~ "Storm Chaser" by Jim Reed. (

Dot O said...

The photo of the moon was a true test of my patience! I must have taken a bazillion shots to get one I liked and was clear.

I will definitely look into that book, Christina!

Thanks for all of the kind words from everybody. So cool to see skies from all around the world!

fishing guy said...

Dot: A great series of sky shots you have shown today.

Som Mine Dager Er, said...

Hi Dot O

Some great sky shots you are shareing with us. The moon shot must be my favorite.


The Arthur Clan said...

You joined in on the Skywatch fun...yeah!! :)

Your photos are all gorgeous. I really can't even pick a favorite one...I love them all!