Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Catching Up

Will be posting later today. Work, doctor's appointment, and voting must come first, though. I will share a tip on getting that darn musty odor out of bath towels that really did work after many years of experimenting.

Wish me luck. Having jaw/back problems - today we are dealing with the jaw issue - mouth keeps getting stuck either open or closed and face hurts - not good.

I know I don't have a lot of people who read my blog but those who do happen upon my blog today, how long did you wait in line at the polls today? I'll post mine when I get back..

UPDATE: Went to vote at 11:45 AM, I was #237, no wait at all!


The Arthur Clan said...

There were 15-20 people in line at our polling place and we laughed about how "crowded" it was. I waited about 10 minutes total. Yeah ~ my vote is cast!

Christina said...

I went to vote at ten this morning. There was a short line for last names A-K. Those people went straight to the table to sign in, got their ballot, and proceeded to the voting area. The line for L-Z was out the door, but still I was out of there in about thirty minutes. I voted - yay! Now can we fast-forward to tomorrow?!

Dot O said...

Christina! Glad you found your way to my blog!! I sent you an email link with the marching band footage. Let me know what you think. Danny was just asked to join jazz band, along with the sax ensemble he was asked to join several weeks back! I can't believe how he is absolutely thriving in band - this after dissing electric guitar after a year. I had lost all hope that he would like music!!! Both kids loved the pics of your son with his saxophone!

Thanks again for stopping by!

Janis said...

I voted absentee a couple weeks ago however I saw quite a few long lines at polling places around the Southern California area while driving for work today.
It rained here this morning and there were STILL people out in line!
People in So Cal do not stand out in the rain for very much!
I also took my ballot stub through the Krispy Kreme drive up window and said "Donut Me!" got a free warm donut and went on with my delivery!
Tonight we are not even looking at the news, just watched a couple movies and will wake up to the news in the morning!