Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Photography Club Of One/A Glimpse of Nature Part I

I went on a photo shoot Saturday with myself! After spending time taking what I thought were rather interesting photographs, when I got home from Cape May I decided to google photo clubs in my area and guess what? I really couldn't find any. So, I guess I will forever be a club of one with nobody to bounce ideas off of or to show me some "tricks of the trade". I am therefore left to my own devices. Today, I concentrate mostly on wildlife and landscape/seascape.

If it walks like a duck.......

These ducks live across the street from my friends' shore home all year round and I look forward to seeing them every year. See the tall white goose with the bigger lump at the top of his bill? That's "Trouble". When I first met Trouble many years ago, he was one of a gaggle (I think that's what a group of geese is called) of ten but every year the number is decreased and they are now down to just three. Every year I look for Trouble and am happy to see him. One of the neighbors appeared with food so he had their complete and undivided attention for about ten minutes.

I then had my husband drop me at the beach for a few very, very bitterly cold minutes. But, I found it very calming to be standing there facing the Atlantic ocean in all of its majesty all alone - I loved it but I just couldn't quite feel the shutter button too well due to numbness of my finger from the cold - needless to say, I didn't stand there too long.

Finally, one of the many photos I took of my husband and friends in the heart of Cape May, NJ. We enjoy each other's company very much and they were sad to see us have to leave a day early - it's nice to be missed.... I missed them, too, when we left but they live across the street and I can see them any time. However, here is something special about going away together and having one big PJ party with food and games.


The Arthur Clan said...

Yeah for you going out on your own photography adventure! I just wish you lived closer to me so we could out together...that would be so much fun.

Which one is your husband in the last picture? Curious minds want to know. :)

Dot O said...

Hubby is the one on the left - the big guy in the green jacket.

Yes, it would be soooooo much fun to go out with friends who are into this as much as I am. Who knows, maybe one day we'll make a vacation to Cedar Point and we can plan a photo excursion!

How are the eyes today?

Amy from Texas said...

Those are wonderful photos! You're becoming a great photographer.

Christina said...

Great photos! Mallard ducks are so pretty.