Thursday, December 25, 2008

Beautiful Day With My Family (Minus my parents)

We had a great day with my family. My parents didn't make it, though, as my mom wasn't feeling up to par. They are aging and seem to really be beginning to fail. We called them on the phone when everyone was here and then I called my mom after everyone left. There are certain aspects of aging that we truly will not be able to appreciate until we are "there". They were missed but I think they were very content to be in their home.

I didn't think to grab my camera today until about 10 minutes before everyone left - I was too busy with the food!

I hope everyone had a good day. Here are just a few photos from our day.


The Arthur Clan said...

That little one with his BIG eyes is just too cute! What a beautiful photo of him.

That's sad to hear about your all must have missed them a lot, but it's good to know they were happy and safe at home.

Merry Christmas!

Christina said...

Thanks for sharing some holiday pics!

I called my mom yesterday for a brief holiday visit. I like to think that my voice is familiar and sparks some memories, though she doesn't know me as her daughter nowadays.

Alanna said...

That baby is ADORABLE!