Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Getting Us In The Spirit Of The Season

For me, it is definitely NOT about the presents but about His presence this time of year.

This clip is a memory I have of one of my favorite singers when I was little - no not David Bowie. I loved Bing Crosby (Andy Williams too). Their voices evoke such sweet memories for me.

I remember watching Bing's show when he did this duet with David Bowie and I was moved by it and still am.


The Arthur Clan said...

Boy, that brought back memories for me Dot!

I used to take care of an elderly lady during the evenings while I was in high school. Many times I would spend the night at her house as well. She LOVED Bing with all her heart and listened to him constantly. The instant I hear his voice, I immediately think of her.

Dot O said...

Isn't it amazing what music can do - literally transports, at least it does me.

Glad you enjoyed it Angie! Glad it brought back fond memories for you.

Janis said...

This duet of "little Drummer Boy" is getting a lot of radio air play here this year.
Very nice to hear again this season.
Dot, I also remember seeing this on TV when I was a kid. I do not think I let on how much I liked the Christmas specials but my Mom LOVED them and we saw everyone that aired I think!

Christina said...

Thanks for sharing a holiday memory ~ I watched that with my grandma!