Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Awesome Christmas Gift Idea!!!

Do you have that special girl/woman in your life who just seems to have everything and you are really stumped as to what to get her? Well, I have found the right gift for every woman who has everything and I found it in my latest issue of Woman's Day. It is a very expensive and "a masterpiece of amazing realism" put out by Ashton-Drake that I'm sure many women would be just dying to have...wouldn't you agree?

If on Christmas morning I found this thing laying under my tree, I think I'd have a bird! Maybe it's just me but I think it is one of the most hideous creations I have ever seen! Don't get me wrong, I do like chimps.... in their natural environment. This is so not natural, and actually a tad creepy.


Janis said...

OMG! Super creepy!
On the other hand I think my Mother in law would actually like the thing.
We have a replica of the stuffed "Woof-woof" Eddie Munster carried on the Munsters TV show and I STILL think the dressed up baby chimp is way wrong!

Amy from Texas said...

OMG! Gross... I'm getting you one for sure now! ha.

Christina said...

Oh so NOT!

Dot O said...

I remember Eddie Munster's little furry doll. It sort of looked like him didn't it?

I still cannot see the point of the chimp and I wonder how many of them they will actually sell.