Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Miranda Day Bag

Here is my first foray into sewing something other than a quilt! My sister and I took a sewing class together that produced this as the final product. Pretty fancy shmancy I think... I take pride in the fact that I only made one error in cutting. I can't cut and talk at the same time...actually I cannot do ANYTHING and talk at the same time. I've been known to make baking, cooking, and sewing errors just about 100% of the time if I am carrying on a conversation simultaneously. You will never see me on a cell phone while driving!!! My kids know that they must play receptionist to me if I'm driving and my phone rings.

Well, I was talking to my sister when I sliced into my fabric 1/4 in too short!!! Thankfully, my instructor was able to help me make a repair and all is well. Anyway, back to my roomy, 10 pocket Vera Bradley almost lookalike bag - ta da!

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