Monday, September 29, 2008

CHOP Parkway Run for Pediatric Cancer

We did the walk and run (hubby and I walked and the two kids ran a 5K) yesterday on JFK Parkway in Philadelphia. Although I don't have any pictures to document (it was raining the whole time so I didn't bring my camera), you couldn't dampen the spirits of the 6500 people who turned out for this wonderful event. In this time of not so good stuff going on in our world, it is encouraging to witness what we did yesterday - people coming out because they care..... My son, Danny, ran the 5K in 25 minutes - not to shabby for someone who hasn't run a distance like that since last years event, and also he completed the race in sneakers that were two sizes too small. Colleen did well also, coming in at 33 minutes. I'm proud of both of them for wanting to be a part of this great cause.

It was a good day despite the crummy weather.

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