Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bracing for our Nor'easter!

Welp, it appears we've got tons of "moisture" heading our way tonight, tomorrow, and I think into Saturday. While it's not the best weather for hiking, biking, fishing, or doing yardening, it will be perfect weather to sit and try to improve my photo/Photoshop skills. Re-read all of PW's entries about aperture and shutter speed and tomorrow we will be looking forward to Miz Booshay's entry on printing. Very much looking forward to that. Tonite I just fooled around with enhancing - made Colleen's eye twinkle a bit.

Maybe over the next couple of days, I could practice capturing rain drops freeze frame??

Kinda like the freeze frame shooting fountain in Epcot here.

Equal time for my son.....

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