Sunday, September 14, 2008

Good weekend! Lots of down time!

This weekend was the best kind of weekend - no committments to fulfill other than mass on Sunday. While I fully intended to do a bit of yard work, the heat/humidity precluded me from venturing outside to work. Soooo, I stayed inside, did my sewing homework for Thursday's class which will be the last class for making this really cute handbag. When I got the sewing homework done, I then decided to get back to one of my quilt projects. I put together the last of of the thirty blocks for my son's bed quilt. It's a pattern called "Turning Twenty" and it's made up of all the fat quarters I had in my stash plus a few more I had to purchase. It's such an awesome project in that you really have to avoid putting too much thought into pieceing it together. The idea is that it should be randomly assembled. The idea is to make a fun quilt and it truly is fun. I have several UFOs to complete (any quilter should know what that means) and if I get this quilt done, I'll have one less UFO.

Do any other quilters have several UFOs like I do???

Oh, and I found the photo my husband took of the kids and me back in May standing in the same lineup as the photo from March 2007. For fun I wanted to compare the two to see how much my son did indeed grow over the 14 months.

Hope to some day come up with some catchy items to post here. In the meantime, hello to anybody who happens to drop by blog!

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Donna Boucher said...

Oh my goodness, he really did grow!

Cute pics!!!

I would love to see your quilt!

I am a retired quilter with lots of ufo's and a fine stash :o)

I started knitting and taking pictures and it took away from my quilting...

Take some pictures of your quilts!!! I'll be back!