Thursday, July 9, 2009

At Least I Have Tried

Below are two partial posts I've written that never got published. I seem to have developed a bit of SASS in the last few weeks (Short Attention Span Syndrome).

Please forgive me but based on some of the comments I have received, I'm not alone in not being able to sit for any period of time actually needed to compose a full post.


After mass and dinner last evening, my hubby suggested we go to see Night at the Museum - Battle of The Smithsonian. My first thought was "I hate going out at night" but that thought was quickly replaced with "Hey, all four of us are home and it's raining out, and it's been raining for the last 6035 days so, why not?".

Boy, am I glad we went!!! Here is a movie that is just pure fun - no cussing, no violence, no sex - just plain fun for all of us. I found myself laughing out loud, mostly at Hank Azaria who plays the Kahmunrah, but I also glanced over at my two teenagers who had huge smiles pasted on their faces through most of the movie.

If I had six thumbs they would all be pointing up for this movie - truly a great outing for the entire family and nothing in it to make you cringe or wince. It is one that I could definitely watch again. It felt like the official kick off to Father's Day for us.


My niece is getting married on July 19 and I have absolutely nothing to wear. I went to several stores over the weekend and found nothing. Today, I went to Macy's and picked up the only dress they had displayed that I thought was suitable for a wedding. I didn't have anybody to lend an opinion when I tried it on so I brought it home and modeled it for my daughter who crinkled her nose up and said, "Um, do you like it, mom?" I replied that I didn't like it much but at least it was a dress.

Bottom line, it is going back tomorrow.

We got a dress for my daughter which is adorable and for my son, well he'll be wearing the suit I purchased in February for a snow ball that he went to. However, back then I had to have his pants shortened but I asked them to leave a 2" hem as I knew we had this wedding coming up. I'm glad I did for now we have to let the hem down 1". He tried the pants on today and he looked like he was wearing floods!


Please forgive me. At the moment I am typing this post, a mosquito is buzzing around me and I must find it and get rid of it. I will be back - maybe even later tonight - there is always hope!

P.S. Please disregard the above dress. I have since returned it and purchased another style. I will see if I can find a picture of that to post!


Sue said...

I've been finding it hard to focus for a while, but I think it's starting to come back. I'm feeling strong urges to be creative. Good!!

Michele said...

Don't apologize, my friend, for the lack of blogging... we all go through it!
I'm glad you liked the movie... it sounds like a definite winner!

Take care!

mom said...

HA! So there's a word for what I'm experiencing...SASS! Yup, my family will agree that I'm full of that!

Haven't seen that movie yet, but it sounds like something my kids will enjoy, too :-)

Thanks for catching up, Dot!

Tammy ~@~

drewmark19 said...

I hate dress shopping. I hate wearing dresses. Ugh. 13 years of Christian school dress code can do that to you. :) I'm glad that you found one you liked. Hopefully your daughter will like it too!

Life with Kaishon said...

I kind of like that dress : ). Good luck in finding something you love though. I think occasions are so much better when we know we are looking and feeling our best : )

theArthurClan said...

I loved this post and catching up on your news. Fun! :)