Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Story In Photos - Places I Love


This week's theme over at I Heart Faces is our favorite places. Mine happens to be the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
 The ocean, while very rough with lots of rip currents, is amazing to watch and photograph.


One of the places that we always spend an evening at when we are down there is Jockey's Ridge. The ridge is a line of natural sand dunes that are high, wide, beautiful, and constantly shifting with the winds. As I get older, it is getting more difficult for me to climb them due to a couple of really bad knees. However, I once again scaled the dunes this past August to try and capture some of nature's beauty at it's finest. 

And then there are those magnificent sunsets that I find myself pursuing each evening - even at the risk of trespassing on other people's properties.

If you ever have a chance to travel to the Outer Banks in North Carolina (OBX for short), you too will find so much beauty.  However, in the meantime, head on over to I Heart Faces and take some vicarious vacations through other peoples' Story in Photos


Nallely said...

lovely sunsets ;)

Matty said...

Your pictures are gorgeous. I especially like the silhouette photos. Fantastic.

We've been going to OBX for years now, and did Jockey Ridge on a scorching hot summer day. It's quite a town. We've stayed in places all up and down the coast, in every town. All depends on what house we find to rent.

Dayna said...

I love the sun! Gorgeous! It's one of my favorite places too. Any beach actually!

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

Wow, really gorgeous photos! We had a blast in the Outerbanks a few years ago. And yes, there were some amazing sunsets. Makes me want to go to a beach now!

This DVM's Wife's Life said...

I am curious about this place now! We are making a trip to NC end of March and taking the kiddos. We are heading down to Charleston to visit friends once we leave Duke U. I'm excited to see the coast again! Haven't been there since I was a kid and we traveled to Maine. Great pictures Dot. So pretty!

Life with Kaishon said...

Your pictures are so fantastically pretty of the Outer Banks. Wow. Just spectacular! Stunning! I love the one of the kids jumping! That is so cool! Do you go every summer? We go to the Jersey Shore just because it is difficult to travel with kids. I am glad you get to go on this wonderful adventure each summer though. Magnificent! : )