Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Exciting Meeting For Dinner

It has taken me almost a week to put this post together as I was away chaperoning my kids and 85 other kids at band camp in Maryland. I can't tell you how happy I am to be home, using MY shower without bugs and dirt crawling all over, without the 90+ degree heat all day and only hitting the mid 70s at night, and food that left a lot to be desired.

Last Thursday, I had the privilege of meeting up with Rebeckah (Life with Kaishon) and with Drew (Happy Chaos) and their families at a Cracker Barrel restaurant. I don't know about Drew and Rebeckah, but my daughter and I had a blast. It is so cool to see these people in person for the very first time but you feel that you already know them.

We talked and ate, and ate some more, and then talked some more. The kids were wonderful and so well behaved. Drew's husband came along for the ride and what a great and funny guy he is.

I hope you enjoy seeing the pics. The lighting wasn't great but I did my best

My daughter, Naji, and Nathan.

Here are two of the sweetest and warm girls I've ever met - how can you not have fun when laughing along with these two.

This little guy was so mild and smiley.

Another smiler - I think Kaishon had had a great day with his new friends.

Sweet baby Jordan who sat near me and ate some mac and cheese - I think a bit more ended up on that pretty little face instead of her stomach!

Is it possible for this couple to be any cuter? I think not.


drewmark19 said...

Aw! We are just so "cute", aren't we? :) This is great! Most of my pictures turned out blurry in my stubbornness in not using flash. I have a flash coming in the mail soon. Blurry pictures...hopefully gone in the near future! :)

I had such a great time meeting you and Rebeckah. Now I have to talk you into coming to the Dallas conference. Round trip flights are between $200 and $300 right now. (At least around here.) Sound tempting????

Rocky Mountain Retreat said...

Oh boy... what terrific pictures! Fun times... excitement, laughs, smiles and giggles.
I can really see how much good times was had by all!
These are awesome! It's great to meet up with folks, isn't it??!?

Martha in PA said...

I so wish I had known about the dinner in time. It would have been so fun to meet! (I want three of those Cracker Barrel chairs for our patio!)

Sue said...

I would so love to meet some of my blogging buddies. Maybe someday.

iHeartFaces said...

I've been so busy planning the Dallas workshop with Amy that I've completely missed visiting blogs...and I completely missed this post.

What a fun time you all must have had! I really, really should have snuck into Andrea's suitcase. :)

(This is Angie - I'm just too lazy to sign out of one account to get into the other one. Hee!)

Life with Kaishon said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. What a nice post Dot. It was so fun to meet you too! I really enjoyed it. Your daughter is so fun and mature : ). I know she is going to have a great time in high school this year!

jessicabold said...

Very adorable pictures!!