Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Life Is About Adjustments

I am learning to really start to roll even more with the "punches". I am a person who adapts to change pretty readily but as I've gotten older, sometimes it's just a bit more difficult to be flexible but I am working on it daily....

Last week was the third annual parish carnival that our sweet pastor started back in 2007. I think it was a success but the final numbers won't be in for a few more weeks. The tough part is that our pastor was transferred from our parish and won't be here to deliver the final results - very sad. While I am happy that this is a promotion for him, I will miss him so very much. I promised him I would compile all of the photos of the carnivals that I've taken through the years on to a CD so that he will have all of the faces of his time here to cherish forever.

These are some of the photos I took this year. I didn't edit any of them. They are all SOOC.

One of the photos is of the St. Anthony Society Parade. Our pastor invited this organization to join our carnival last year. It was such a success that he invited them back this year. They had a mass and then a parade through the streets of my town carrying a statue of St. Anthony. They even brought a roast pig to sell at the carnival.

The kids are done school now and summer is in full swing. My daughter got a full-time babysitting job for two young boys so she's gone almost all day. My son - well he's been sleeping in but that will stop in two days as he begins his 30 hours of classroom study to prepare for getting his driver's license. Scary thought.... I just keep rolling with it....


drewmark19 said...

Have you met his replacement yet? I'm curious what your impressions of him are. It is so tough to adjust to new people. Some people just cannot be replaced.

Life with Kaishon said...

I am praying for you as you have written about this before. I hope that he turns out to be good even though you have heard some less than wonderful things! Crossing my fingers : ).

The carnival looks so fun! WOW! Hope it was a success. If the kids had fun and enjoyed themselves, then it was a success in my book already : )

Liscence? WHAT? How do they grow so quickly? It's crazy!

theArthurClan said...

Wowza! You guys go all-out with your carnivals. Looks like so much fun!

I hope that you love the replacement pastor as much as you loved your last one. That's so sad to have to say goodbye.