Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Cause Near and Dear

Here is a link I'd like to share. June is always Alex's Lemonade Stand time throughout our country, and especially at our local grammar school. The school featured is my kids' grade school. Little Alex Bilotta is the younger sister of one of my son's classmates and Danny Hammond is my daughter's friend since first grade. Lauren Brown's mom is a friend of mine through our many volunteer activities at school throughout the years. Since both of my kids graduated were finished as of June 2008, I no longer see Michele as much but my thoughts are always with her this time of year.

If you get a chance, take a look at this video. Danny is a living, breathing, walking miracle - in third grade he was given a prognosis of just 18-24 months and now, along with my daughter, he is getting ready to enter his senior year of high school. All of the money raised has funded research that has provided Danny with new drugs each time his cancer has recurred.

He never ceases to amaze me.

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Blessings each day said...

I had just HAD to come over here after I saw that picture of little Ruby on Portuguese Dogs which I went to from Charli and Me...kind of complicated, huh?

She is tooo precious and I want to smooch her...too bad we don't live closer, Tinka (my dog who loves to play with other dogs) and i could babysit!

As for the hand biting, have a tug toy nearby and immediately put it in her little mouth when she starts.

Tinkabelle no longer chews on us, but does chew on daddy because he likes that rough house playing!