Friday, April 15, 2011

Two Jobs!

Yup, since January I have been working two jobs, which has left little to no time for me to put together a creative blog post.  Not that my life would excite anybody else, but I love my life and wouldn't change a second of it. We do what we have to do.  I am so fortunate to be able to work from home transcribing for lots of doctors via a transcription service.  Because work had gotten sparse, I interviewed with a private practice and am now transcribing for this lovely gentleman. I also work for another doctor there but I couldn't find a photo of her.  Both of them are very, very kind and not the least bit stuffy as you may expect from a doctor. He's both warm and friendly and funny.  Here's to a nice long working relationship with my new employer and his staff.

Oh, and the day I accepted the position, my boss from my other job called to let me know my work would be increasing by leaps and bounds - hence I type from sun-up to sun-down every day 7 days a week - at least until we are done paying college tuition.


Life with Kaishon said...

I am so glad God provided you with a new job! I remember when you were worried about your first job closing down! What a blessing.

I have no idea how my parents paid for 3 kids to go to college. You are a great family! Sending love!

~ Amy Elisabeth Photography ~ said...

I am so happy for you having this job and being able to work from home is an added bonus.
Do your dogs sit at your feet while you type? ;)

Matty said...

In this economy, it's great that you have several opportunities to improve your income. And it's a bonus that your new employers are great to work with, which makes going to work even more enjoyable.
I hope that both jobs continue to work out for you.

doreen said...

Sounds like my month. I have said yes to too much work. I will be grateful, however at the end of the month.