Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Little of This and a Little of That

Two weeks before Christmas, I had sinus surgery (deviated septum  repair (septoplasty), so I was sort of under the gun to get things done as early as I could because I didn't know how I was going to feel afterward, and I knew I was hosting Christmas dinner for my family (20 people).  Unfortunately, the day after my surgery my husband came down with a cold that led to a sinus infection, and I in turn caught the sinus infection two days after him.  Not at all fun when you are forbidden to blow your nose for at least two weeks after the surgery!

At any rate, I survived and my nose now breathes much better and actually even sits a little straighter than it did before - YAY!

Here is just a smattering of photos covering the holiday season in our home.

Danny with his big gift - a hoodie from Millersville University!

The Nighmare Before Christmas is a favorite in our house - so if we see any "Jack" or "Sally" things, they are definitely snapped up to give for Christmas.

My son turned 17 three days after Christmas - So, his December is always a very "giftful" month.

Freckles decided that my husband's chair is now his own to sleep in all day long...

My niece's little boy could possibly be the next "Woody" in Toy Story - it was one of his favorite Christmas gifts.

I made my daughter go outside and shovel in the snow/sleet/freezing rain because nobody else was around to do it.

And Ruby appointed herself chief window viewer and sofa guarder in our house.

Yes, the camera is pretty much always at the ready....  Now, if I could just get a grasp of Photoshop CS4, all would be perfect!


Life with Kaishon said...

I love your pictures of December Dot : ) I don't know if getting a handle on CS4 is what you need : ) Drew rocks out elements! I don't rock it, but that is all I use also.

: ) Have a happy week. I am so glad your nose is better! You poor thing. That not blowing had to be CRAZY when you were so sick!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dot! Sinus surgery is halpful but not getting to blow your nose while having that and an infection must have been the pits! Sure hope you are feeling way better and clear by now.
Great photos of the holiday and your family.
I have seen that "oh why ,oh why am I doing this stupid task because my mom asked me to and I love her so I must ...trudge ,trudge" look on our daughter Ayleen's face too!
They ARE good kids who love us and help even when it is cold and yucky outside.
Have a good week ahead!

Adrienne in Ohio said...

I adore that picture of Ruby sitting by the window! You have a lovely family, too, Dot.