Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Realizing A Dream - PW Comes to West Chester PA

Okay, so maybe my actual dream was to go to The Lodge for a weekend and hang out with Ree and follow her on photo shoots and watch her cook and maybe kick off our shoes and watch some great old movies and just chat... but this was certainly the next best thing!

It all began with a lonely chair....

And then the chair, desk, podium, and microphone....


And then there was the crowd eagerly awaiting Ree's arrival. And now presenting, Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond!!!!

Wait a minute, that's just the guy who works at the bookstore announcing Ree's entrance...sorry... (he actually was perty darn funny).

And now, we'd like to welcome Pioneer Woman!!! (And her frappucino).

She welcomed our many questions and here describes choosing the proper fitting Spanx.

She then showed us this really cool trick where she can make her hand see-through! Cool isn't it?

Ree then belted out Journey's classic hit, With Open Arms, and she then happily obliged the 300 or so people there by signing her cookbook!

Everyone was so friendly.

These two lovely girls told me that we were permitted to save seats. Thanks to them, we sat in the second row!!

I met up with a blogging friend, Sarah Stump Streett and her sister-in-law. They were both very, very nice.

My friend, Vicki, also got to meet Ree and have her book signed.

Finally, I had my turn meeting Pioneer Woman, whose blog I have been following since 2007. It was so worth getting to the book store at 9 AM for the 2:30 signing. I got to spend hours looking at books and chatting with people.

Ree was so much fun and turned a really crummy weather day into something that was so enjoyable. Ours was her last stop before returning home. I'd like to think she saved the best for last....

Thanks to PW for sharing her life and her talents with us and for inspiring the cook/photographer/home schooler in so many of her fans!


camilynn said...
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Christina said...

Great pictures, Dottie! What a fun day!

Spruce Hill said...

It was so much fun metting PW! And I am so glad I got to meet you in person!

I want to go to the lodge too :)

Drew said...

So cool! Guess Ohio doesn't get the honor yet. :) If PW does come here, I'm sure Angie will drag me to go meet her!

This DVM's Wife's Life said...

Dot, How exciting! I am so jealous too. Thanks for sharing your pictures and your time at the bookstore meeting Ree. I think it is so cute you got to meet Sarah too!

Life with Kaishon said...

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, DOT! I had no idea she was coming to Pennsylvania! I think I had looked at the list of places she was visiting a long time ago and we weren't on it. Now I am sad! : ( Glad you had a great time though. So exciting!

PS I ADORE spanx. So much so, I think I will name my next baby Spanx. What do you think of that? Kaishon and Spanx? : ) I am sure Gary will go for it!

PSS I really came over today to wish you a Merry Christmas. And then I got caught up the Pioneer Women hubaballoo : )

Sarah- Little Ark Photography said...

it's so different seeing her from someone else's perspective. how cool you got to meet her!

Anonymous said...
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Mom to 9 Blessings! said...


Nice to meet you and I'm SO jealous. I just found your blog by a comment on another one.

I would have LOVED to met PW - Ree! I too have been following her journey for the last two years and have learned SO much from her photography!

I'm glad you had such a good time. Fun fact you and I live about 25 minutes from each other...

Blessings and Happy New Year!

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

What a cute photo you have with her!! So glad you got to finally meet her:-) What a day!