Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How Could It Possibly Be?

It's been well over a week since my last post and since my back is bothering me again, I have found another opportunity to do another post.

Besides tomorrow being a day where we all remember our war vets, both living and deceased, my husband and I will also be remembering what we were doing 20 years ago on this very day. 1989 saw lots of "stuff" in our lives but it was also a year that towards the end got very "happy" when it marked our wedding - on 11/11/1989.

 My sister was my maid of honor.  My dad walked me down the aisle.

My mom wasn't well for most of the year but she rallied in time for my wedding day.

But our wedding mass went off without a hitch - and the weather was picture perfect!

Believe it or not, I don't really drink but it looks nice for pictures..... This was in the limo.

Honest, I don't drink but this looks nice for pictures - this was at the bridal table.

This is hubby with his mom (she just passed away on 9/28/09, exactly one month shy of her 94th birthday)

This is my dad and me - he had pink eye in both eyes on my wedding day.  He toughed it out for me, though....

Hubby asked me what I would like him to make for our anniversary dinner. I told him "reservations".
We are dining at a very elegant restaurant tomorrow at 5:30. I'll let you know how it goes. I just may have to sneak my camera in to take pictures....

Believe it or not, I just noticed this photo today when looking through my proof album. I have absolutely no idea who gave us rabbit ears.  I am making it my mission to find out who it was...hopefully within the next 20 years!


Gennasus said...

Happy Anniversary!

Lovely wedding photos, even with the rabbit ears!

Martha in PA said...

Happy Anniversary!

Matty said...

Your pictures say it all. Looks like everyone enjoyed your sepcial day. And hey, rabbit ears are just plain fun.

Life with Kaishon said...

I loved seeing this. It did make me cry a little though. I am sorry about his Mom. So sad. I can't take the loss of loved ones. It just breaks my heart! You both look so young and excited : ) I love that!

Drew said...

It's so fun to see you on your wedding day. I never realized how much your son looks like your hubby until seeing these pictures. Wow!

Angie - The Arthur Clan said...

Admit it Dot...you're a lush! Hee!!

I loved seeing all of your wedding photos. The photo of you and your mom is so beautiful!

And the rabbit ears are so funny. I noticed in my kid's yearbook that a certain age (I think it was 2nd grade) was really into rabbit ears. Every single extra photo they added to that page has one kid doing rabbit ears behind another kid's head.

So, maybe the people making bunny ears behind you were just big second graders?! ;)