Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just the 8 - Jon and Kate, Not So Great

I have been a fan of Jon and Kate Plus 8 since it first aired. I have not always been pleased with how Kate has treated Jon in front of the entire world but always figured/hoped they had some sort of off-screen agreement about her verbal abuse (wishful thinking on my part).

The recent turn of events has really bothered me tremendously. I have to say that while I don't dislike Kate, I think she's slow in seeing what all of this fame has done to the family and how it has really molded her. Jon expressed his feelings at the end of the last season. He clearly did not want to continue with the show. He indicated in no uncertain terms that wanted his old life back but Kate seemed very much excited about anticipating the next season. Obviously, there were already problems back then, as Kate mentioned in last evening's episode that things hadn't been right for the last six months - this would take the start of their problems back to around Christmas time.

I think Kate missed Jon's sort of call for help at that point. I think Kate really got caught up in all that goes with fortunate and fame. Jon was already experiencing some of the pitfalls of this and he was telling her that he really couldn't handle it anymore. She needed to step back and listen for a moment, something she really has a hard time doing.

I am keeping up all hopes that the show will just end now and they can start to rebuild what they once had. The kids need them both equally in their lives.

Any other fans out there have any opinions? Do you think their marriage can be saved?


Carrie said...

I watched the show exactly twice.

The first episode, I thought, "Wow. She must be having a bad day. She is being so nasty to her husband."

The second one, I realized she was always like that. I didn't care to see it any longer.

I'm reading Dr. Laura's Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands right now. She is a text book case of how NOT to treat your husband.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Carrie. I watched it once, but didn't like the meanness. It does upset me about the divorce, but what upsets me more is the children hearing and seeing what they shouldn't be exposed to, especially from their parents!

Dot O said...

Thanks Carrie and Vicki. I always try so hard to see the good in people. I hated to see her verbally abuse (and sometimes smack) Jon. I still watched it probably mostly because they are relatively local to where I live and I think the kids are adorable.

Turns out they sacrificed a heck of a lot more than they gained from doing this show.....

Spruce Hill said...

The season opener made me so sad! They need to stop the show and work on their relationship. I have always thought she was a bit nasty to him. I hope they can work it out. I am not sure I want my kids to watch them crash and burn! Not so much a family show now.

This DVM's Wife's Life said...

I used to watch it on occasion and haven't kept up. I have to compete with NBA playoffs, baseball, and Red Wing Hockey. So you see my dilemma.
Fame took the best of them. Not sure what will happen, but for the sake of those cute little kids, I hope they figure out something.

theArthurClan said...

I agree with everyone else. I had never watched the show until a couple of months ago when the kid's babysitter introduced them to it. They love to watch the re-runs because they think the kids are so cute, but I can barely stomach the way Kate acts towards Jon.

I don't know if their marriage can be saved, but I hope that (for the kids sake) they walk away from the fame and try to work on it.

I don't see Kate doing that though. :(

Life with Kaishon said...

I had just watched it a few times and it always bugged me how belittling Kate was towards Jon. I can't imagine having 8 kids and I know that it must be STRESSFUL to the max, but isn't it important to treat the ones in our homes with kindness? I think God can do big things with their marriage and family if they are open to let Him! I hope we don't have a season of them divorcing though. I think that would make the show very sad.