Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spring will be here soon!

Although today is revving up to be more wintery-like, spring is just around the corner and as of this coming weekend, we will begin daylight savings which I look forward to every year. I spent all of last weekend backing up every single photo I've had stored on my PC. Unfortunately, this backup was a few weeks too late as our external hard drive crashed a few weeks back and I lost a lot of very meaningful photos. I have the dead, only 6 months old external Moving Star hard drive sitting near me, knowing that it holds a couple hundred photos, in the hopes that one day we can maybe get that data retrieved. Until then, I'll just wistfully look at this little black box. If anyone has any inexpensive ways of retrieving this data, please let me know. We've already tried to the freezer route and although it worked for the prior drive, it would not work for this one.

Top two pics were taken last year. Please note the photo of me with a level on my head. That's because I had a feeling my son, who at that time was the same height as my daughter and me. I asked my husband to take a photo to capture the moment to record that my son had reached my height. That photo was taken March 31, 2007 - fast forward to March 5, 2008, and add 4.5" to his height!!! Yikes!!!

The other few pics were taken in Jan and Feb. Making the most out of what's left of our wintery days and enjoying brand new family members!!

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